With more and more stressful world we live in today, sexual life of many people has become neglected and, consequently, sexual functions become weaker with time. This is why the use of enhancement pills has become widely spread and many people opt for this as a solution. Now, the majority of the sexually dysfunctional people are men, but there are also women who have certain issues with their sex life. Thus, today we have a new pill which is meant to enhance the sex life of both men and women. This is pill is 123 Extenze and it has gained large popularity.

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In fact, the ingredients that make the 123 Extenze pill are such that can affect both men and women. It is such a combination and such a perfect blend of ingredients that it will certainly satisfy everyone who decides to try it and experience the benefits of it. One of the most important ingredients is the seed of long pepper which is used to increase the blood flow. The root of ginger is also has various positive effects on the overall health and it is a powerful stimulant that increases both energy and desire and Yohimbe Bark extract is also included and it is a very strong aphrodisiac.

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Anyway, there are many more ingredients to this magical pill and they are all natural and affect the overall sexual performance. All of the nutrients have been tested and it has been proven that they are very helpful in increasing the libido of women and that it also enhances their sexual desire and sexual drive. In fact, there is a special pack of these pills for women and their structure is slightly altered also so that it entails only those ingredients that are relevant for women, but this are not few and the effects are all the same when it comes to sexual improvement.

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As for the effects of 123 Extenze on both men and women, there are quite a few of them. Some of the most important ones are the increase of the size of penis which can be go up to 27 percent and with this come erections that are harder and bigger. The orgasms will also be very powerful and it has been reported that they can last for up to ten seconds. You will also be able to be n better control of the ejaculations and the sexual desire, libido and overall performance will be much increased.


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All in all, 123 Extenze is a unique pill that will help to both men and women to improve their sex life and to be able to again enjoy in the beauty of it. Not only is this pill very effective, but it is also very safe to use. Thus, you can relax and take pleasure in everything that follows after you take it. Nevertheless, if you still haven’t tried it, make haste and order it right now – you will be more than satisfied and you will have your sex life back.

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