You might have noticed that many of these ingredients are actually useful and have effects on both sexes, which is why Extenze decided to pack those ingredients with some more designed specifically for women. That is how Extenze for women was created, with women in mind it is meant to boost your sex drive, libido and help you achieve orgasms, and enhance your orgasms. It is a complete pill with similar ingredients to the male version. For a while now many companies have only produced products to enhance males, and while there is logic in this, because it is a big factor in the whole process, we decided we could not ignore the women wanting something for them. Extenze for women is a daily supplement that you take daily, it will enhance your sex drive soon, make you feel younger and more passionate, and this will surely echo and resonate in your whole relationship and in your every sexual encounter. If both you and your partners are using Extenze, a perfect combination will result in amazing sex, filitra Preis which you could not dream of before.

All natural ingredients that go into the Extenze women are nutrients that are proven to help increase women’s libido as a booster and will greatly enhance sexual drive and desires. This is a combination of proven ingredients, and as mentioned some are similar to those found in the original version, but only taken those that respond to women too, but also added some similar ingredients. The focus in original version was for male enhancement (like penis growth) but Extenze women is more oriented to the women’s needs like boosting libido, increasing arousal and more stamina during sex. One of those ingredients is the famous weed called Horney goat, which is a known aphrodisiac, completely natural, and has been used for hundreds of years in the oriental medicine for increasing women’s libido and sexual desires. Some of the other ingredients include Korean ginseng and Chrysin extracts that will help enhance overall health and energy of the body and in same time increase estrogen levels, to overall improve women’s performance and stamina during sex. Those ingredients too are known as female aphrodisiacs in history for their ability to boost libido, energy and your need for passion. Another ingredient is the famous Damiana leaf extract, which is also a known aphrodisiac for hundreds of years. It is used also in the original version, but for women there is another special effect. It is known for the ability to lower the classical hated symptoms of the menstrual cycle, like remove exhaustion, menstrual pains and cramps, relieve anxiety and menstrual headaches. Damiana leaves do this by regulating hormone levels and are therefore useful for women of all ages.

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