• Extract of Tribulus terrestris, which is a plant that is one of the most famous, if not most famous in its field. This plant grows in Asia, Europe and Africa and is known, for thousands of years, as one of the strongest aphrodisiacs in the world. Recent studies have shown that it was not actually an aphrodisiac but that it had similar effects. It is in fact probably the strongest natural testosterone booster. This means it will increase how much testosterone you produce by a large amount. This plant is so great in its effect that it is actually used even by professional and amateur sportsmen who are looking to increase their muscles. When you take testosterone in a way it is not natural you can mess up the production of your body, but when you take something like this, which is not testosterone but increases your testosterone production you gain a lot more than you already had without messing up your own body. Not only it is probably the most important factor when it comes to libido and getting an erection it is something that will help you be stronger and more active all the time and even reduce risk of many known diseases like cancer.
  • Root of Korean Ginseng, which is also one of the oldest known medical herbs in history, is used to improve circulation, blood flow and stabilize the heart, it is also very good for prevention of cancer and for boosting the overall immune system.
  • Seed of Cnidium Monnier is a Chinese herb that is also known for thousands of years for its fantastic effects, it has been used mostly for skin care and treatment, but then its natural reproductive organ enhancement and aphrodisiac effects were found. It is one of the most famous male enhancers by itself, so has every right to be part of this dream team.
  • Eleutherococcus root extract is also a great plant used for variety of its effects including, endurance, improved memory and immunogenic properties.
  • Xanthroparmelia scarbosa is a known sexual stimulant that enables better relaxation of smooth muscles, which in turn generates more blood to the penis.
  • GABA is a neural transmitter that regulates muscle tone in human body.
  • Velvet Deer Antler is a Chinese herb used like ginseng for hundreds of years also known aphrodisiac.
  • Horny Goat Weed is also a known aphrodisiac in both men and women and has been proven repeatedly to be effective.
  • Also other ingredients include: Leaf of Damiana, extract of Muira puama, pumpkin seed, stinging nettle root, root of astragalus, extract of root of licorice, l-arginine hydrochloride, root extract of Ho Shou Wu, extract of Hops, and boron chelate.

As you can see this fantastic and one of a kind, combination of super star ingredients is something remarkable and something you should not pass up easily. Many of these ingredients are even sold separately as products for sexual enhancements, and here you have the opportunity to get in one pill, what you would be getting in a few dozen others.