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  • Enjoy the increase in penis size, with bigger and harder erections. Extenze will increase blood flow to your penis and stop the blood from flowing out. This means increase in penis size up to 27%! That is one quarter more than you had before. In addition, not only size, but the width also, and the strength of the erection itself. That’s something fantastic and something we all want.
  • You will be able to achieve greater orgasms. As mentioned average male orgasm last from two to three seconds, and it is over, well why settle for that? With Extenze, people have reported to be able to achieve orgasms that last for up to ten seconds, in some cases even more. Now that’s mind blowing. More powerful and stronger orgasms will change the way you think about sex.
  • You will be able to control when you want to ejaculate better. It has happened to every single person on the planet at least once that he ejaculated sooner than he wanted to, or that he could not ejaculate when he wanted. There is nothing more disappointing when one partner finishes just before the other and they are left unsatisfied, but also there is absolutely nothing more enjoyable when partners finish at the same time. Well now with Extenze it is possible and a lot easier to achieve, normally you would have to practice for hours a day and months maybe even years to be able to control the ejaculation process, and now you don’t have to because you can take Extenze. Of course, it will not make you be able to, literally ejaculate, any second you want, but it will make you to be able to control it a lot better.
  • It will increase how much you can last and it will prolong your erections. This is another problem, millions of men have faced at one point in their lives, that is not lasting as much as you want and erection “going down” before you want it to. Even perfectly healthy men can sometimes not have their head in the game, let alone everyone else. Extenze will make you go a lot longer than you would normally. The term “like a rock” will now apply to you.
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