Extenze features a fantastic blend of ingredients that make an amazing combination for maximum results. Most of these ingredients have literally dozens of different positive effects and functions that we don’t have the space to name, but do your research on these and you will be amazed. Each of these ingredients is famous for its effect and has been clinically tested to wield maximum results. And now, in Extenze formula you have them all together, just like a dream team in basketball, the very best of ingredients to make this the perfect product for you, and a product you will surely keep on using long after those eight weeks have passed.

  • Folic Acid or vitamin B9 is an important vitamin in human physiology. It affects many reproductive functions from erections to permanent reproductive system health in both man and woman. It also affects other systems in the body positively and is prevent to help prevent some very serious issues like heart attacks, strokes and cancer.
  • Zinc oxide is a strong anti-oxidant, which helps protects against accelerated aging of skin and muscles, it also improves the body’s ability to heal. It also has many other helpful properties and is very well known and used when it comes to supplements, especially male enhancers.
  • Seed of black pepper is a known spice throughout history and has many beneficial medical properties, and was used to help cure over thirty different diseases. It is also a known aphrodisiac by itself and helps improve the blood flow in the entire body.
  • Seed of long pepper is a variation of black pepper, which does not have all the general properties but is much stronger than black pepper when it comes to improving blood flow.
  • Root of ginger is also something that has been known throughout history to have many positive effects on the human body and is used as folklore medicine for thousands of years in some areas of the world. It is considered a very strong stimulant and something that will enhance your energy and desire.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone or 5-DHEA is a hormone used to further stimulate testosterone production in men and estrogen production in women. Testosterone production is probably the most important part of male sexual process, because it will increase everything from penis size and other sexual characteristics to your sexual desires, and unlike taking actual testosterone, it will not harm your body in any way, making it a natural way to literally make you a better man in every aspect.
  • Pregnenolone is a natural steroid in the human body improving sexual functions and even acting as a pheromone.
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  • Extract of Yohimbe bark is also known for ages as a great supplement in male enhancers. Yohimbe is a tree that is indigenous to western Africa and has been used as an aphrodisiac in those regions by local tribes for several hundred years. It comes in several variations and the one used in Extenze is considered one of the strongest ones possible.